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Power Of Decision: Best Way To Accelerate Your Success (NOW)

Every decision and every action you take has a direct impact on your success. Don’t just write this off as another motivation quote – when you truly grasp that EVERY action you take has an impact on your future, you can start making better decisions, start building momentum and soon you won’t recognize the person you see in the mirror. The changes WILL be that great. Decide to take your life to a new level!

The Power Of Decision

Motivational Video for Success in 2020

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Full Video Transcript

The one thing we have in this world is we can’t control the events but we can choose what to focus on, we can choose what things mean and we can choose what to do. Those three choices, those three decisions, really control our life.

Your life is what you think it should be, that’s exactly what you are right now. You are what you thought you should be. And if you don’t like who you are, you got to change what you think you should be. What you think is more important than what you do. And so if you want to change, you gotta work on this attitude a bit.

Decide, commit, act, succeed, repeat. The one thing all the greats have in common is they sweat the small stuff. They pay very, very close attention to every detail.

What you are and what you become depends on how you use your time. The billionaire and the beggar both have 24 hours every day. The old and the young, black and white, Indian and the Asian are all given the same amount of time every day. You cannot stop a day. You cannot stop an hour. But you can control how it will be used.

The billionaire and the beggar both have 24 hours every day.

Your life comes down to your decisions and if you change your decisions, you will change everything. When you understand the power of a five-second decision, and you understand that you always have a choice to always go from auto-pilot to decision-maker, everything in your life will change. You will be a different negotiator, you will be different in sales, you will be unstoppable in the gym because you will realize the amount of garbage that you put in the way of your hopes, and your dreams, and your potential, of your confidence of your courage. Everything comes down to the decisions that you make.

The first source of inspiration is deciding. The second source of inspiration is planning. And now here’s a big source of inspiration: beginning. Getting started. Actually turning thought and the notes on the paper, the plans, actually now committing it to action. Getting started.

People have to know you, not because oh he’s a good salesman, oh he’s a good this, oh he’s an artist. People need to know you for one major thing first: he works. He produces. The guy’s there every day. The guy’s pushing and shoving because the truth is no matter how good your ideas are, how good your art is, or how good your skill set is, if you’re not working man, if you’re not vibrating at a frequency that people say my God how does that guy do all that? If you’re not vibrating at that rate, if you’re not working at that level, you’re not gonna make it.

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